Career Coaching Packages

Melissa has worked with hundreds of individuals to find their dream jobs. With her ongoing career in recruitment, she speaks with hiring managers every day to thoroughly understand what they are looking for in candidates.

She has worked with individuals across every industry and specializes in the Technology, Software Engineering, Data Analysis, Data Science, Machine Learning, Design, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Administrative, and Operations fields. She helps candidates discover what excites them to then advance in their careers and
get rid of the Sunday Scaries.

Check out the career coaching packages below! Each session lasts 45 minutes. You also have the option to blend career coaching and job search strategy packages. Career coaching calls are more exploratory in searching for what you want to do when “you grow up” while job search calls are more action-oriented.

1 Session: $300 USD
4 Sessions: $1,050 USD
8 Sessions: $2,200 USD
12 Sessions: $3,200 USD

Schedule your free 30 minute call with Melissa to see which option is best for you!

Let’s discover your dream job together.

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