Tips for Your Job Search Strategy

FAQ: Where can I practice coding online?

In 2020, practicing your coding skills online is easier than ever. With COVID-19 ever so present, interviewing processes have gone fully remote, and many companies are utilizing the tools listed below to create and deliver code challenges. There are different formats of questions including fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, and freehand coding challenges. While I personally believeContinue reading “FAQ: Where can I practice coding online?”

Remote Software Engineering Jobs For Hire During COVID-19

I’m continuing to create lists of new roles within companies who are hiring NOW – amid the coronavirus crisis. Yes, companies are still hiring! Below is the spreadsheet with new Software Engineering roles. All jobs are fully remote. I’ve had requests for Data Analytics, Data Science, Administrative, and Operations roles. What positions do youContinue reading “Remote Software Engineering Jobs For Hire During COVID-19”

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